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About Me

I approach photos with an artist’s sensibility … because I am a singer/songwriter and rocker. I studied photography, but it’s been the school of life that has taught me some great tricks. Some really fine photographers have kindly shared special techniques and secrets as well and for those folks, I am truly grateful.


I’ve been honored to have shot some of music’s coolest cats, both legends and newcomers. I pride myself on helping subjects find their “best side” and only shoot what looks amazing through the lens.

Have you earned a few road wrinkles, maybe nibbled a bit too much lately or have hair receding? Not a problem. I’m good at bringing sexy back. I will make you feel comfortable and we will choose settings that make you shine.


Please contact me for my rates. I mostly shoot digital, although if you want we can do medium format as well. Any format; cash and carry. You take the files and do with them as you please. No price gouging here. I sincerely want to you to have great photos that you feel wonderful about.


Tell a friend & we will keep the circle going.


Thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to any creative challenges you can imagine.



Contact Me

PO Box 292863

Nashville, TN 37229

Tel: 323-248-1611

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